Songwriter, performer and recording artist, David Garside’s finely-crafted art-pop is delivered with delicacy and passion.

It can be difficult in these times to make yourself heard above the noise and it’s never been David’s style to fight to the front with brash sonics or fashion statements. His palette is ‘traditional’ – clean guitars, keyboards, bass, strings, horns, jazz-inflected drums – all tastefully arranged without anything ostentatious.

His soulful yearning and very English tenor provides a consistency to his stylistic roaming across everything from full orchestrations, sparser chamber pieces and extended road-trips

David steadily refined his craft on the vibrant acoustic scene in his native Birmingham, delivering his reflective songs with pure voice and confident command of the guitar.

Having collaborated with many fine musicians in various line-ups, he regularly performs solo shows and house concerts. The effectiveness of this format in conveying the essence of his songs has been borne out in a number of successful UK tours.


Backed by a rhythm section and string quartet, David’s first collection of songs – Take Control (2004) – introduced his unique writing and arranging style. He set out his stall with a clear intention: to produce distinctive, intelligent material, with no regard for contemporary trends.

A brass section augmented the string arrangements on 2008’s Modern Mediaeval, a rich, ornate record described as “like Nick Drake fronting the Beatles”. From the Dexys stomp of ‘We Share The Same Space’ to the reflective ‘Soulful Numbers’, the album successfully realised David’s baroque-pop vision with signposts to his next CD in the long-form title track.

David’s latest full-length album End Of The Pier was released in 2012 and is his most ambitious, cohesive collection to date. The orchestration which had so far characterised his work was stripped away, showcasing a tight four-piece band playing his often complex art-rock compositions. The cornerstone 10 minute track ‘Good Hope’ exemplifies David’s desire to be courageous while staying true to his love of melody and lyricism.

The Small Change EP of 2014 was recorded with a more lo-fi approach – at home and partly on a 4-track cassette machine. David considers the results to be some of the most satisfying and successful.

For information on live dates, releases and videos, please join the mailing list by emailing info@davidgarside.com


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