house concerts


Quite often, people aren’t able to attend my gigs because they’re unable to get to the venues or the dates aren’t convenient.

Wouldn’t it be good if you had a say over when a gig takes place, who to invite and experience it in the comfort of your own home?

Popular in the US for a while now, house concerts are a fun, alternative way to enjoy live music and for artists like myself to reach their audience.

Your house doesn’t have to be ‘turned into a music venue’ – it already is one!

The set-up would normally be just me and my guitar. The nature of the event means that no amplification should be necessary. All the host needs to provide is a space for me to stand and perform and as much comfortable seating/floor space necessary for the number of guests you want to invite.

“But my house is a shoebox!”

It doesn’t matter! One of my most fulfilling experiences was playing to just two people for someone’s birthday. If you do have a big place, then we can organise something appropriate for it – maybe use some small amplification. But if you want to keep things to a small gathering of a handful of friends, that will work really well.

There is simply no better setting for hearing my material performed acoustically.

You will hear me perform my songs on acoustic guitar interspersed with the stories behind them…with no glasses being broken, drunken, rowdy audience members or other unwelcome distractions associated with traditional music venues!

With an intimate gathering of friendly guests, a house concert can be a truly unique and rewarding social event and it is very easy to host one.

You will be given all the help and guidance you need and we will work together to ensure the event goes smoothly. My expenses would normally be covered by audience and host contributions. The details of this and everything else will be discussed on enquiry.

If you are interested in hosting a house concert, please don’t hesitate to email me –


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